Tuesday, September 25, 2012

just "Tana" and me

It's a hot day. Two old ladies , Tana and me, are taking a rest at our favorite corner @ our second home , Pechburi.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chihuahuas on vacation

This is a smile sent from Roxana Hossli , my dear friend in Switzerland who has many pieces of my heart with her - Richie , Nayla, Roger and Princes .

Roxana and her family were a few days in Germany for a vacation. They took all the dogs with them. They  had their bed by the window but the doggies decided that under this tiny table was much better! :-)

Thank you dear Roxana for this big smile 
Hugs to you all.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

One moment in time of "Classic" to me

Just...one moment in time of my boy "Classic".
Now he lives happily  in  USA and has become an American champion and becomes a father, time flies so fast...just miss him.....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Coffee" enjoys Life !! :-)

I had never known "Coffee" could swim when she lived with us in Thailand. But look!! "Coffee" enjoyed swimming at her cuttent home in Norway :0) Her human parents Ole and Torild Lybekk assisted her and found her ability that we didn't know she had it before! 

I should have known that nothing can stop "Coffee" from fun! She enjoys her life everywhere.

Her mom Torild said " She went totally crazy after the bath, running around on the beach, and rolling around in the sand. She will go to a big show this sunday, so she need a bath with shampoo too, hopefully she will turn in to black again, now she is grey. LOL!" Ahhh!!! I hope so :-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gigi's routine

Gigi, our pet female cavalier, spend most of her day with daddy (my husband.) She sleeps on his head. She eats with him. She breathe down his neck. She also goes everywhere with daddy, except when dad has important meeting or has to go to parliament. My husband often say that Gigi's attached to him. My children and I don't want to ask him, who exactly is attached to whom, LOL.

In this photo, Gigi was on the car with daddy. She was stuck in traffic for an hour, but Gigi didn't care. She only asks that she is with Dad.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Anniversary of Typhoon passing away to heaven

10th of August, 2011, was like the end of the world for me. After trying to save Typhoon from cancer, eventually we, my friends who got involved, and I, lost. Typhoon passed away. Some say Typhoon traveled the rainbow bridge to wait for me in heaven. I hope and pray that Typhoon goes to Nirvana. Regardless of where he ended up, the sad truth is, he is no longer with me. After Typhoon passed away, my family suffered the loss of many loved ones. Some passed away naturally due to old age, but some passed away in unbearable fashion, such as Pudding, recently. However, no matter how many loved ones we lose, the lost of Typhoon was, to me, incomparable. 

In the past two days, a year since his death, I haven't written or spoken of Typhoon. I led my life normally. However, there were probably only a few seconds I didn't think of him. In fact, in the past year, I've missed him every day, many times a day. In the past 2 days, I thought many times that if I could travel back in time, I would have done everything I did to keep Typhoon alive as long as possible. The answer in my heart is that I would have still done all I did. Typhoon and I were unlucky that at the time, I didn't yet meet the treatment which would later on, cured Malee of cancer in just a few months. Every time I see Malee, I regret that I didn't find the cure when Typhoon was sick. At the time, I searched all corners of the world for a cure, but I failed. 

However, when I think of Typhoon today, I am no longer sad, because I know that Typhoon is in a better place, no longer in pain. If Typhoon is resting in heaven, before traveling to Nirvana, may that heaven not be too far, for Typhoon to feel the love from mom and family, that has been sent to him always.

Thank you again Typhoon, for giving all the wonderful things in our 5 years together, which I can't even write them all here. When you passed away, you still left a wonderful thing for mom, which are the friends who tried to help us. Many of those friends became close family friends. That is the most valuable thing Typhoon left for mom. Typhoon only gave good things to mom. Thank you dear Typhoon. Mom and everybody love you, and will forever.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A small tribute to EVERYONE who have made "CASH"'s ROM

"Cash" :  Int.Am.Th.Ch. Fandango Wheel of Fortune 
has become a ROM (Record of Merit of CCA.) 

This journey has not been easy, especially since I, Cash's owner, live in a different corner of the world from America. On this tough road, there have been so many friends who have become involved. Even if I wrote a hundred pages of tribute to all the friends who put faith in Cash's puppies, and took Cash's puppies to become champions all around the world, it won't do them justice. Ten of them became American Champions, and made their daddy, Cash, become a ROM. 

I cannot not recognize my highly respected friend, Jane G. Kay, who offered her very kind hands, to help me in every thing. Cash would not be able to become a ROM, if I was not a CCA member. Everyone knows that it's not easy to join the CCA. Jane G. Kay, kindly used her lifetime membership to sponsor me, along with Erika Lanasa, another friend who never hesitate to help me. I proudly became a CCA member, last year. 

Since I live far away, possess weak English, and careless, my membership expired, this year. The year that Cash becomes a ROM, when his 10th child became an American Champion. I almost went mad when I found out that my membership expired. The board of CCA, kindly allowed Cash to use his ROM title, and since I never done any misconduct, they allowed me to find two new sponsors to renew my membership before the end of August, 2012. Of course, I didn't ask Jane G. Kay. A lady of her status already once offered her help , since the mistake was mine, I should not ask her again. However, the CCA board said that the reason they let Cash has his ROM title right away is because I was once sponsored by Jane G. Kay! 

I've been blessed with another sponsorship by Erika Lanasa. Gayle Essex, my good friend and all-tuime mentor, kindly became my 2nd sponsor. These favors help make Cash's ROM title come true, as he deserves, and also as deserving by the devotion of many. 

I've always been, and always will be very thankful for Cash's parents.
Both of you are greater than you know.

Regardless of what happens, earth quake apocalypse or otherwise, the following people will go down in history as those who have helped Cash achieve his ROM:

Am.Ch. Fandango Drive-M Wild "Rebel"
Breeder: Karen L. Hamling

Thank you Karen Hamling, for breeding Cash and Rebel, and made them both American Champions. I cannot deny that Rebel and you inspired me to help Cash become a ROM. 

Am.Ch. Fandango Lamar's Lucky Charm
Breeder: Karen L. Hamling
Owner: Hwan Sung Yang, Korea

Gayle Essex, who always has sharp eyes for dogs, picked Charm and finished him.

BISS.Am.GCh.Ch. Saiyai's Thai Little Florist "Malee"
Dam: Th.Ch. "Jimlim" of Saiyai Doghome

Malee is my first Cash's breeding to become an American Champion. She campaigned her specialty for 2 years.... by her second human mom, Erika Lanasa.

Malee has become the first Thai-bred long-coat chihuahua to become an American Champion. In the future, there may be other Thai breeders, or even Saiyai Kennel who have American Champions who are as, if not more, outstanding than Malee. But to be the first Thai-bred American Champion long-coat chihuahua, it will be the record that stays with Malee forever.

Malee was ranked as the number 6 long-coat chihuahua in America of 2009.

Malee was awarded the title of "Grand Champion" by the AKC on July 24th, 2010. The AKC email read:
Congratulations on your dog's attainment of the Grand Champion title. Being one of the first dogs to earn this new title is a great achievement.

Am.GCh.Th.Ch. Saiyai's Jumping for Joy
Dam: Th.Ch."Jimlim" of Saiyai Doghome
Joy is Malee's sibling. 

Joy finished her Thai Championship when 9 months old 
Joy finished her American Championship, and continued onto the Grand Championship.
She completed both titles at the end of 2010.
All credit of Joy's championships- Thai and American must go to Chic Chi, Thailand, Joy's owner. 
Joy was shown to American Grand Championship by Erika Lanasa.

Am.GCh.Ch. Saiyai Fandango Cash's Dividend
Dam: Th.Ch. Saiyai & Bubaan's Minnie

Ellika and Peter of Sugarhills, Sweden, Divine's first owners, devoted a lot to earning Divine his great titles. I thank you two, from the bottom of my heart.

Congratulations, and thanks to Ben of Benrich Chihuahuas, Thailand, Divine's current owner. I congratulate you because you have a chihuahua with great titles as an important part of your kennel. I thank you because you always have faith in Saiyai Doghome's breeding. I see you are proud of your "Divine" very much . I will never forget this.

Divine was shown to American Grand Championship by Erika Lanasa.

Am.GCh.Th.Ch. Saiyai's Thai Celebritie for Sugarhills
Dam:Th.Ch. Misty Meadow Playing with Fire

Another one of Saiyai's breeding who was blessed with the devotion of Ellika and Peter, to become an American Champion. I'm glad to know that Celeb has repaid her beloved owners. Congratulations to Ellika and Peter who has been blessed with Celeb. Congratulations to Celeb for having a good life with her owners.

Celeb was shown to American Grand Championship by Stacia Ohira.

Am.Ch. Saiyai's Thai Blackberry of Tan & Grace
Dam: Th.Ch. "Jimlim" of Saiyai Doghome

BB can be classified as one of Cash's outstanding child. Congratulations to his owner, Mrs. Suchittra Sawatyanon, Thailand. I'm proud to say that BB earned  his American Championship by Hiram Stewart.

Am.Ch. Saiyai's Masterpiece for Beautiful Valley
Dam: Saiyai's Dancin To Be The Star
Owner: Beautiful Valley, Indonesia

Once again, Erika Lanasa made this part of  my dream to make Cash a ROM come true, by finishing Master  as an American Champion.

Am.Ch. Saiyai's All That Jazz 
Dam: Th.Ch. "Jimlim" of Saiyai Doghome
Owner: My dear friend, Carol McNeely. 
I will never forget how you devoted to making our little Jazz an American Champion. You always cared about helping me achieve my dream.

These words, I want to give to Erika Lanasa as well. Erika was the one who finished Jazz as an American Champion.


Am.Ch. Saiyai's Classical Rocker at Brislin
Dam: Th.Ch. Fandango Moon Struct-L

Classic is one of Saiyai's Doghome pride, sired by Cash. I am very happy that Classic lives with and owned by Michelle Brislin. Michelle is one of my first American friends, who has become our family's friend.
Michelle showed and finished Classic as an American Champion by herself. 

I'm proud to say that Classic and Michelle were the ones to help me reach the milestone needed to make Cash a Rom.

Thank you everyone so very much again for full filling my dream , for making the great honour to my "Cash" man 's biography!!! :-)